Bamboo Products FAQs
Bamboo Products FAQs
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Bamboo Products FAQs

Quality of products

From the beginning of the selection to the final finished product, special quality inspectors are arranged for quality control. Before the product is shipped, spot checks will be conducted to ensure that the product is intact and free of quality problems before it leaves the factory.

Product manufacturing process

Choose adult bamboo to cut, fumigate and carbonize to control the moisture content of the bamboo slices, and then use our proprietary production process to assemble the bamboo slices, and finally show the finished product to everyone.

How the product is packaged

We generally use neutral English packaging, which is divided into double-watt brown box packaging and airplane box packaging according to the size and structure of the product. In addition, we also provide customized packaging and packing services.

material of Product

All our products have been used for 3-5 years Bamboo,it has high density and high toughness, and the processed products are more durable and more environmentally friendly.

How long can I expect to get the samples?

The samples will be ready for delivery in 1-3 days. The samples will be sent to you via express and arrive in 5-7 days. 

How long is the production time?

It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Most of our products have stock for MOQ.According to the minimum order quantity, the production time is within 15-40 days

Is OEM provided?

we welcome all wholesale customers to customize products. we provide customized design on packing box, sticker, etc. if required.