Here, once carried the mission; here, once created the brilliance

Here, once carried the mission; here, once created the brilliance


Inside the Yaopu Bridge in Tonggu County, it is the production base of Jiangxi Tonggujiangqiao Bamboo and Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (Benbu Technology), the world's first manufacturer of all-bamboo environmentally friendly computer keyboards.

Here, once carried the mission; here, once created the brilliance
Here, once carried the mission; here, once created the brilliance
Jiangqiao Bamboo Industry Bamboo Art Museum 2018-09-16
Inside the Yaopu Bridge in Tonggu County, it is the production base of Jiangxi Tonggujiangqiao Bamboo and Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (Benbu Technology), the world's first manufacturer of all-bamboo environmentally friendly computer keyboards.

Who would have thought that this 51-mu factory area was still a barren hillside 18 years ago.
Mr. Feng Xianshu, the founder of Jiangqiao Company, is 63 years old this year. Lao Feng seemed very excited when recalling his own entrepreneurial journey. He told me: After graduating from high school, he returned to Tonggu Gaoqiao Township to raise him as a farmer. He once served as a village accountant, village director, township infrastructure team leader, and corporate office director.

In 1998, with superhuman courage, he bought a county processing enterprise with several shareholders, registered as Tonggu Jiangqiao Bamboo and Wood Industry Co., Ltd., and started bamboo flooring processing and sales, which was one of the few privately-owned Tonggu at the time. One of the enterprises. Lao Feng said: We started our business in Qiaotou, Tonggu Sanba Road. At that time, the bamboo flooring market was popular and the company developed rapidly. In the past few years, it became the leader of local private enterprises.

The old place was too small to adapt to the future development of the company, so Lao Feng decided to buy land to build a factory. As a result, the barren hillside of Xiayaopu, which was overgrown with weeds and rubbish, became a treasure trove of geomantic omen for the second venture of Jiangqiao (Banbu) in 2001, and built staff dormitories, administrative office buildings, and three Production area.
Feng Xin, Jiangqiao Quality Manager. He joined the company in 2003 and worked in the paint production workshop. After that, he successively worked as a machine repairer, quality inspector, technician, workshop director, and deputy factory director. Feng Xin said: The company's benefits in the past few years have been very good. The annual sales volume of bamboo flooring can reach 100,000 square meters, which is basically in short supply. I am an ordinary employee with a monthly income of 1,500 yuan, which was a very high salary in Tonggu County at that time.

With 15 years of work experience, Feng Xin has watched the company go from small to large. He told me that in 2005, the financial crisis began to hit the real estate industry that had just been set off. The sales of bamboo flooring were not smooth, the vicious competition among manufacturers, and the meager profits made it difficult to survive. For an enterprise to have a way out, it must innovate in science and technology. The technology research and development team of Jiangqiao Company with Feng Xuquan as the main starting point has started a journey of transformation like a blue ray and a phoenix nirvana.
Yu Qiang, Sales Supervisor of Jiangqiao (Benbu Technology). Yu Qiang, who graduated from Nanchang Forest Engineering School in 1996, joined Jiangqiao in 2008 and worked as a floor hot press. Thanks to 10 years of working experience in a bamboo and wood company before this, Yu Qiang was soon recognized as "Jade" by Feng Xuquan, who has been the general manager, and started his career as a salesman and sales executive for 10 years.

Yu Qiang said: I just came here and met Jiangqiao's transformation and development stalls. Jiangqiao registered Jiangxi Benbu Technology Development Co., Ltd. and started the production of bamboo keyboards and bamboo mice.

Talking about the Jiangqiao production base covering tens of acres in Xiayaopu, Yu Qiang summed it up with four "not easy": At the beginning of the new century, many private enterprises in Tonggu had extremely difficult survival, and Jiangqiao had such a large area. The factory area is not easy; Feng Xuquan, general manager, dared to be the first to develop the world's first bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse. It is not easy; after 10 years of transformation, the company insisted on deep processing of the bamboo industry, insisted on low-carbon, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and the company has won hundreds of honors , It is not easy to obtain dozens of patents; the Bentbu team sells products all over the world, and it has become a must-have for many people in modern life. It is not easy.
Zeng Li, Director of Jiangqiao Assembly Workshop. In 2009, when she was only 27 years old, she joined the company and worked in the assembly workshop. Zeng Li told me: I have been in the company for 10 years and have been working hard, from ordinary front-line employees to production statistics, to the current workshop manager. I have put in a lot of hard work and learned a lot of knowledge here. The company is our employees’ "Family".

Zeng Li told me that over the years, no matter how difficult the task or the difficulties in the work, I will face it together with everyone, work together, overcome difficulties together, and grow and progress together.
Finally moving! It was just a rumor a few months ago, but now it is indeed going to be moved! In a few months, Jiangqiao (Benbu) moved into the standard factory in Jiangxi Tonggu Industrial Park.

For the general manager Feng Xuquan and the old employees, the relocation is another departure!
Time is about to enter the 20s of the new century, and earth-shaking changes are happening around us from time to time.

Tonggu is a national ecologically civilized county, and the county party committee and county government have determined to play the "ecological card". The ecological industry focuses on the development of bamboo deep processing, great health, and organic food. Bamboo resources are an important resource for Tonggu. It is an important measure for the local government to do practical work for the people by devoting to deep processing, providing bamboo utilization rate and increasing farmers' income.

"As the leading forestry enterprise of Tonggu that won the honor of "Hometown of Bamboo Keyboards in China" for Tonggu, Jiangqiao (Benbu Technology) should make a difference under the guidance of such a gratifying policy." General Manager Feng Xuquan said.

Move into the park and keep up with the times;

Move into the park to adapt to development;

Move into the park and head towards the future!

Leading copper drum bamboo enterprises to enter the bamboo deep processing industry, making the ecological industry bigger and stronger, and boosting the local economic development is the goal of Jiangqiao (Benbu) for its third venture!

The planned production area and standardized dust-free workshop of the new factory area have gradually upgraded from mechanical manufacturing and manual manufacturing to intelligent production mode through the working environment of environmental assessment and safety assessment. Jiangqiao (Benbu) will embark on the third entrepreneurial journey !

Zeng Li, the director of the assembly workshop, said with deep feeling: I am going to leave the "home" here in Xiayaopu. I really feel a little bit reluctant to give up. After working here for ten years, the good times of ten years are deeply engraved in my memory. But I believe even more that after moving into the industrial park, the future of "home" will be warmer and more brilliant!

 Finally, I will share a set of old photos from many years ago to let everyone in Jiangqiao who have struggled here and are still struggling recall the days we walked together, remember the ups and downs at that time, and remember that. The glorious time of the time, remember: Jiangqiao people's career will be opened again in a brand new place!