Jiangqiao Bamboo goes all out at the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo House Expo

Jiangqiao Bamboo goes all out at the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo House Expo


Jiangqiao Bamboo Industry Bamboo Art Museum 2019-11-11

The 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo House Expo will be held on November 6-8 at the Bamboo World Cultural Square in Yong'an, Fujian. The theme of this exhibition is bamboo home, bamboo life and bamboo Yongan.

Jiangqiao Bamboo goes all out at the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo House Expo
Jiangqiao’s 20th Anniversary Celebration: Start from here

Jiangqiao Bamboo Industry Bamboo Art Museum 2019-01-30

The colorful stage, brilliant lights, enthusiastic smiling faces, beautiful singing voices, graceful and light dancing postures freeze the classic moments of Jiangqiao (Benbu Technology) 20th Anniversary Celebration Event!

    And "Salute!" read by famous wedding hosts Chen Yan and Li Shasha "Jiangqiao People" showcases Jiangqiao’s 20-year history of entrepreneurship and the innovative spirit of being the first to be the first! Let us relive the unforgettable scenes of the celebration scene with the beautiful recitation of poems!

I am coming

Bathe in the delicate and warm winter sun

I am coming

With the fragrance of harvest

We are all here

There is a kind of excitement rippling on the passionate face


 (The host, Feng Ha, and handsome Lin Wei passionately announce the start of the celebration)


 (Mr. Feng Xianshu, founder and chairman of Jiangqiao Company, giving a speech)



(Mr. Feng Xuquan, general manager of Jiangqiao Company and bamboo keyboard developer, giving a speech)

this moment

The gaze rests on every strange or familiar face

To talk

More than the difficulties and vicissitudes of the initial start-up

There are more brilliant bamboo keyboards to the world


 (Opening: "Canon, Little Leaping Frog" played by jazz drums, and the young actors Feng Haiyi, Feng Haiwei, and Chen Xinyi kick off the celebration)

In a pair of eyes

There are also bamboo mouse, bamboo speaker, and bamboo calculator.

Big hands

Hold up the dream of using bamboo instead of plastic

This happy moment

Let us reminisce about the time of youth together



(Quality Manager Feng Xinxin's melodious flute solo "Alishan Girl")

do you remember

That simple and roaring factory building

do you remember

Jubilant scene when the new plant is completed and put into production

do you remember

That piece of light in the R&D center late at night


(The beauty of the marketing department Huang Qiuyan sang "Sleep with your name")

 (The 30 lucky winners won the third prize, everyone is smiling)

The most memorable--

Ecstatic after conquering a series of problems

The most memorable--

Workers learn from each other and help each other in collaboration

The most memorable--

Your words on the marketing road warm my heart

The most memorable--

Those precious moments that year were hidden in the snow



(The Tai Chi performance by Rao Longyan in the molding workshop is unforgettable)



(Excellent employees who have made unknown contributions to the company are honored by the company)

I can't forget--

Trust and expectation in the eyes of leaders

I can't forget--

The young man is our leader and more like our brother

I can't forget--

They gave Jiang Qiao wings to take off



(The director of the administrative office, Lin Chunxiang, the beautiful solo dancer "I'm a man" puts everyone's eyes straight)


 (After Zero Zero, Feng Gongyu’s solo "The Queen of Heaven" is mesmerizing)

Open the dusty memory

Our hearts are bright

Twenty years of firm conviction

The clang of the steps

Those revisited past episodes

Flowing in our minds



(Ten lucky winners won the second prize, and everyone holding the heavy red envelopes is full of joy in their hearts)



(Sales Supervisor Yu Qiang, handsome man turned into a magic master, invited the little beauty to perform "Coke Clone" together, allowing everyone to witness the birth of a miracle)

Look, that young and childish you

Learned to be strong during the years

Look, the chairman who was determined to start a business

Autumn frost is all over my head

But my memory is still imprinted

Your spirited look back then



(The person who was commended on the stage was the meritorious person-the representative of the company's veteran employees for more than ten years)

pay tribute! Our Jiangqiao people

Glory and achievements are in the past

The salute of the twenty-year celebration

Let our feelings be melodious in the sky

Let's sing a song

With the sound of bamboo

To play a grand chapter of Jiangqiao people's innovation in the new era

Jiangqiao People

This name is our glory

The bamboo keyboard capital of the world is our glory

Two hundred pairs of eyes, two hundred beating hearts

Still hot, still hot...



(Little sisters Tan Qianyi and Zeng Xiaowei's Guzheng ensemble "A Beautiful China" brings you a kind of artistic enjoyment)


 (The poem recitation "A Tribute to Jiangqiao People" pushed the celebration to a climax, poem author: Ye Xuejin, reciter: Chen Yan, Li Shasha, Guzheng accompaniment: Tan Qianyi)

The past twenty years

Jiangqiao people move forward without fear of wind and waves

Jiangqiao People Today

Full of pride, sail together



(The three lucky winners won the first prize and the special prize respectively. Especially Zhang Lanhua, who had just been in the company for three months, received the special prize of 1,000 yuan, which is really enviable and not hate.)



(The handsome guy Zeng Yongfa, the domestic sales manager, won the best performance award of the year, and everyone is waiting for him to entertain the picture with the bonus)


Jiangqiao Company will not forget that those people who silently contribute to the development of the company,

We will never forget that we have always supported leaders, friends and distributors who care about the development of Jiangqiao!

Jiangqiao people should be proud,

For twenty years, the people of Jiangqiao have not forgotten their original intentions,

To solve the problem of depletion of world resources,

To solve the problem of global environmental pollution,

In order to solve the problem of human energy saving and emission reduction,

Always hold on!

Keep exploring!

Keep working hard!


The chairman and general manager of Jiangqiao Company led all employees to wish the people all over the country New Year!

I wish you all good health, happy family, good luck, and prosperity!