JIANGQIAO Environmental Protection Natural Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Promote Low-carbon Life

JIANGQIAO Environmental Protection Natural Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Promote Low-carbon Life


JIANGQIAO has launched an all-bamboo keyboard and mouse to contribute to a low-carbon life.

JIANGQIAO Environmental Protection Natural Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Promote Low-carbon Life

The all-bamboo keyboard has low percussion sound and natural constant temperature performance. It can effectively avoid static electricity and achieve the effect of anti-radiation. Due to the special properties of bamboo, it can relieve people's visual fatigue, and it is also conducive to prolonging the life of the electronic components of the keyboard. The service life is better than that of the plastic keyboards currently used, which is beneficial to people's physical and mental health.

Bamboo is a kind of excellent natural wood, which can be harvested and used in 3-5 years. Bamboo can be harvested every year after successful afforestation, and it can be used sustainably without damaging the environment. It is a good renewable resource. According to research, 4.75 tons of oil = 1 ton of plastic = 2100 plastic keyboards.

By analogy, a keyboard is about 500 grams. According to the annual output of 5 million bamboo keyboards/bamboo mice in our "Bamboo instead of plastic" project, 2,380 tons of plastic can be saved every year, which is equivalent to 11,305 tons of oil saved every year. It can be seen that its low-carbon environmental protection benefits are considerable.

The recycled waste products can be used to produce pulp, and can also be used as boiler fuel to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction of waste utilization. Even if it degrades naturally, it only takes 5-8 years and will not affect the environment.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material. Bamboo can absorb carbon dioxide stronger than broad-leaved forests. The annual carbon sequestration capacity of one hectare of bamboo is 5.09 tons, which is 1.46 times that of fir and 1.33 times that of tropical rainforest. Bamboo forests release 35% more oxygen than forests of the same area. The bamboo keyboard/mouse is beautiful in appearance, natural and fresh, and has a sense of returning to nature. Its natural characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer, absorbing sweat and absorbing ultraviolet rays, non-slip texture, and emitting a fresh and fragrant smell are deeply loved and sought after by people.

JIANGQIAO bamboo Industry spent 50 million yuan to manufacture the world's first all-bamboo keyboard/mouse in 5 years and obtained a number of national invention patents. Creativity from nature, unique style design, the perfect combination of art and engineering design.

JIANGQIAO products have produced a more environmentally friendly series of bamboo products for computer peripherals, and the unique touch, fresh smell, and simple beauty of bamboo make the bamboo keyboard/mouse show the noble spirituality that attracts everyone. This warm and classical charm is a synthesis. The material and the cold metal cannot be replicated, and every touch will make the user feel it is extraordinary.

Bamboo's natural texture and natural color have good artistry, and the combination of bamboo's moldability and traditional handcraft has created many personalized products for JIANGQIAO. The organic combination of culture, artistry, and personalization of bamboo series products makes them highly collectible and has a profound impact on Asian civilization and world civilization.