JIANGQIAO wishes you a happy Chinese New Year and all the best!

JIANGQIAO wishes you a happy Chinese New Year and all the best!


JIANGQIAO and all the staff wish all users a happy Spring Festival and all the best. In the new year, we will reward users with more competitive prices.

JIANGQIAO wishes you a happy Chinese New Year and all the best!

First of all, JIANGQIAO and all the staff wish all users a happy Spring Festival and all the best. Thank you very much for your support and trust in our website in the past year, so in the new year, we will give back to users with more competitive prices.

JIANGQIAO's products are divided into two categories: consumer electronics and household products. Consumer electronic products mainly include bamboo speakers, keyboards, mice, calculators, etc. Household products mainly include bamboo computer folding tables, breakfast tables, shelves, and so on. We have 20 years of experience in bamboo processing, and we are the first environmentally friendly company at home and abroad to apply bamboo products to consumer electronic products.

Our bamboo products have completely independent intellectual property rights and have obtained more than 60 patents for production technology and processing technology, including 9 invention patents and 2 international patents. Our products have stable performance and have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, and other quality certifications, 3C, etc., and are sold well in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

We are a professional team, the core members have many years of experience in bamboo deep processing and electronic information technology research and development. Therefore, while ensuring product quality, we can also fulfill your diverse needs and provide customized services.

In terms of product weight control, we can do the following:

1.48-hour preservation of raw materials

Complete the whole process from cutting to carbonization of the bamboo in 48 hours, reduce the oxidation and mildew of bamboo under natural conditions, and retain the fresh vitality.

2. Intelligent control constant temperature carbonization

Precisely control the water content of bamboo, and effectively remove the protein, starch, sugar, and other components in the bamboo fiber, which has better anti-mildew and moth-proof functions.

3. Patent network structure

"Middle layer mesh splicing" patented technology, the mesh structure can make the bamboo products evenly stressed, not easy to deform, and have excellent stability.

4. One-time forming by hot pressing

The sheet foundation is hot-pressed at one time to minimize the damage to the fiber structure of the bamboo itself and has better strength, elasticity, and anti-cracking effect.

5.360° shower coating seal paint

Introduce the international advanced spray coating technology, so that all six sides of the bamboo material are sealed with paint, which is waterproof and flame-retardant.

6. Wear-resistant ecological bamboo paint

Through the 9-layer interactive surface penetration process, the adhesion of the paint surface is improved, the paint surface is not easy to fall off, and the paint surface is full and smooth, which can effectively resist impact and scratch.

7. Ingenious handmade bamboo art

Carefully polished to remove burrs, bamboo masters present you with classic quality.

We also have a perfect service system, even during the Spring Festival, we will arrange professional staff for you. We hope to have more cooperation opportunities with you in the coming year.