JIANGQIAO always insists on doing a globally recognized green industry!

JIANGQIAO always insists on doing a globally recognized green industry!


JIANGQIAO wants to maximize its resource advantages, make full use of existing conditions, and continuously introduce more green bamboo products.

JIANGQIAO always insists on doing a globally recognized green industry!

Bamboo forests are widely distributed around the world and are known as "the second-largest forest in the world". The bamboo industry developed by utilizing bamboo resources has become a globally recognized green industry, with huge economic, ecological, and cultural values, and has been increasingly valued by people.

Bamboo forests in China are mainly distributed in 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). In recent years, the bamboo industry has developed strongly and achieved remarkable results. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Further expansion of bamboo forest resources

China is located in the center of the world's bamboo distribution and is known as the "Bamboo Kingdom". The existing bamboo forest area in the country is 5.381 million hectares. The structure of bamboo species has been further optimized, and a number of excellent and high-efficiency bamboo species have been cultivated, developed, and utilized on a large scale, and a new pattern of comprehensive development of ecological bamboo forests and economic bamboo forests has been formed.

2. Further improvement of industrial efficiency

In 2009, the national output of large-diameter bamboo was 1.356 billion, and the output of dried bamboo shoots was 465,000 tons. The total output value of the bamboo industry was 100 billion yuan, and the output value of the processing industry was 71 billion yuan. It was exported to 177 countries and earned 1.5 billion US dollars. The products involve 10 categories and thousands of varieties, and the application fields have developed into many fields.

3. The various benefits of bamboo forest resources will be further exerted

The scale and organization of the bamboo industry have gradually improved. There are more than 6,500 bamboo processing enterprises in the country, of which 29 are enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, employing more than 45 million people, and the social benefits are obvious. . The process of industrialization and marketization has been significantly accelerated, and it has become a sunrise industry in China's forestry industry.

4. Further strengthening of scientific and technological R&D and innovation capabilities

With the continuous increase and in-depth development of bamboo technology research and development, China has made breakthroughs in bamboo forest cultivation, management technology, bamboo product research and development, bamboo product quality, and technical standard system construction. According to statistics, China has more than 100 national and provincial bamboo research results, and more than 450 bamboo products and patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

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There is an imbalance in the development of the global bamboo industry. Developed countries in Europe and the United States lack bamboo resources and have huge market demand. We are blessed with bamboo resources and have great development space and potential. Therefore, JIANGQIAO wants to maximize this resource advantage, make full use of the existing conditions, and continuously introduce more green bamboo products.

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