Bamboo Keyboard VS Classic Keyboard: Which One to Choose?

Bamboo Keyboard VS Classic Keyboard: Which One to Choose?


Over the years, traditional computer keyboards have evolved in terms of functionality, design, and materials used. But recently, bamboo keyboards made of natural materials have become more and more popular. So who to choose?

Bamboo Keyboard VS Classic Keyboard: Which One to Choose?
Bamboo Keyboard
Over the years, traditional computer keyboards have evolved in terms of functionality, design, and materials used. Today, there are many types of keyboards: gaming keyboards, office keyboards, mechanical keyboards, and ergonomic keyboards... There are keyboards for every purpose and taste. But recently, bamboo keyboards and bamboo mice made of natural materials have become more and more popular. 

So who to choose?

Classic keyboard

Classic keyboards have changed a lot over time. Manufacturers are often judged for their difficulty in adapting and poor ergonomics, so they have expanded their product range to suit the needs and the increasing contacts and demands of their customers. 

Depending on your usage, you can find very specific keyboards. For example, if you're a gamer, you'll easily find a keyboard designed for game practice. Functionality has increased and keyboards have become increasingly ergonomic, designed with cushions or touch arrangement ideas to respect the natural position of the hands and limit the cuffs.

Some are also very granular to distinguish them from most other keyboards and offer very advanced features, including the keyboard side and the side with the touchpad.

However, these keyboards are mostly made of plastic. Therefore, they hardly wear out and degrade quickly. Fading touch ink after a few years and keys sinking and remaining blocked often prompt us to buy new keyboards. Unfortunately, very little of these computer equipment plastics can be recovered and recycled: in fact, when we found that the world generates 44.7 million tons of e-waste every year and 80% of it is neither extracted nor recycled, its growth reflects and change our consumption habits! 

Reducing the use of plastics becomes an issue for protecting the environment. As a result, alternative solutions have been developed to replace plastics, even in the manufacture of computer equipment using bamboo eco-keyboards! 

Bamboo keyboard: an ecological alternative for all needs

Why use bamboo?

Moso bamboo is the species of bamboo used to make these keyboards and most bamboo products. This giant bamboo species reproduces very fast: it can push a meter a day! Resistant to the most extreme temperatures (cold and intense heat), its cultivation requires no water and fertilizer intake. However, its culture still needs to be controlled to avoid over-breeding that could affect the surrounding biodiversity. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo culture does not lead to deforestation and is very beneficial to the land and the environment. 

Bamboo has been used in construction and making objects for thousands of years and is an excellent ecological alternative to plastic and other polluting materials. It is a sturdy material known for its sturdiness and resistance to impact and abrasion.

Unlike plastics that degrade and wear out quickly, using bamboo can extend the life of a product by maintaining its original state over the years. Many times these keyboards are hand-engraved, and the letters and numbers are then carved into the wood to ensure the durability of the product. The keyboards are then fully painted to protect them from scuffs and achieve an ultra-soft touch. 

Bamboo is also known for its antibacterial and anti-transpiration benefits. So it's an ideal material for office equipment, especially when we know that our computer keyboards and mice are real bacteria nests! This is why cleaning our computer keyboards is essential and must be done very regularly. Contrary to classic keyboards, Bamboo keyboards help keep your device clean and healthy longer by limiting germs that can become part of your device. 

In addition to being an ecological alternative, bamboo keyboards are original and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the softness of wood and its simple and elegant design, it is a distinctive accessory that can decorate and decorate any tabletop. Practical and modern at the same time, bamboo keyboards are a great solution for a green office. 

In conclusion

Classic keyboards sometimes roll out features based on usage but wear out faster than bamboo and wood keyboards. In fact, in addition to being the true heart of desktop decor, bamboo keyboards are functional, modern, and ecological. Its durability and sturdiness allow you to spend years more responsibly with your new device. If you want to customize a bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse, welcome to contact us

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