What Are the Characteristics of Bamboo Keyboard?

What Are the Characteristics of Bamboo Keyboard?


Bamboo keyboards and bamboo mice are widely used because of their environmental protection and anti-radiation properties. Here are the benefits of bamboo and its properties.

What Are the Characteristics of Bamboo Keyboard?
bamboo keyboard and mouse
Technology is advancing rapidly every day. You'll see innovative gadgets appear and novel discoveries begin. What you don't get often is the collaboration of technology with nature.

This doesn't happen every day; so once you do, you get amazing products like bamboo keyboards and bamboo mice. For CPU users looking for very unique and biodegradable CPU hardware, you can currently get monitor cases, CPU mice, and keyboards made from natural bamboo. 

Why do we use bamboo to make keyboards?

Bamboo is a faster-growing grass than any other plant on earth, the robustness and elasticity of plant yarns make it a perfect and fast renewable material for all types of applications such as construction, textiles, carpets, wood, equipment, and many other applications. 

Although the tree has to grasp a harvestable age, this resource can be collected as soon as 3 years, and once the bamboo is collected, the plant does not expire; it just grows a new shoot and starts the upward process again.

Most plastics, whether they're thought to make computer gear or anything else, are made using non-renewable petroleum, plus they're becoming increasingly expensive not only financially but also ecologically. 

Likewise, bamboo is widely recognized as a "green" alternative to less biodegradable materials, and innovative uses and propositions are emerging on the world market every day, helping to reduce our impact on the atmosphere and increase environmental awareness.

Bamboo keyboard and mouse features and manufacturing

China is a major country in bamboo manufacturing. Bamboo is a renewable asset and a viable resource utilization method; bamboo is known for its fast growth, strong fecundity, high yield, easy rejuvenation, wide flexibility, good elasticity, afforestation harvest years, bamboo shoot growth, and long-term advantages. 

In addition, in order to effectively utilize the anti-radiation purification and anti-static properties of bamboo, the industry also sets up anti-static and anti-radiation effects by applying this material to keyboards.

Natural bamboo perfectly matches WINDOWS/Mac OS operating system. After use, the red part next to the bamboo mouse wheel will release a faint blue light, making the mouse more bright and more interesting.

1. The production process of bamboo keyboard

Due to the superiority of bamboo, many processes must be done by hand. A comprehensive selection of bamboo is more than five years old; therefore, its thickness and stiffness are ideal for making bamboo keyboards. Bamboo is cut, sun-dried, refined, and solidified, and then transplanted to the plant.

After that, embryo collection, smoothing, preparation, and other methods are also carried out, and the whole shell is carried out. After the circuit boards are stacked into the shell, the inner shell of the keyboard cannot be polished instinctively and needs to be polished with a synthetic thin emery cloth.

2. Product features

The bamboo keyboard has low percussion sound, has natural and lasting temperature characteristics, which can effectively avoid static electricity after use, and has electric gears to prolong the service life of the keyboard.

Strong practicability, perfect hand feeling, anti-static, humanized, easy to clean, sterile, cool in the hot season and warm in winter;

Use bamboo instead of plastic, recycling products to deprive, to achieve the purpose of ecological strengthening;

The high temperature in the middle of the bamboo paper and the specially created high-compression carbonization method will never break or deform;

The appearance of the bamboo keyboard is novel, noble, and elegant, and the most important thing is to improve the gorgeous integrity;

The product is easy to use, feels good, is anti-static, easy to clean, and anti-corrosion;

The bamboo keyboard has a super strong anti-static impact times more than 5 million times;

The usual life of a computer requires three Pu to be consumed on the keyboard, while one bamboo, and the life of the keyboard, can be consumed on three CPUs.

Have national creation patents and utility model rights;

Bamboo has good infrared absorption, its color is unique, large, and warm; individuals can also eliminate visual fatigue and reduce the incidence of myopia; it is a highly decorative healthcare product.

3. Advanced technology

The keyboard made of bamboo can avoid static electricity and prolong the service life of the keyboard's electronic gear. 

In addition to this, the biggest selling point of this modernization is ecological security, especially ecological security. In Europe and other industrialized countries, eco-friendly products tend to be the most popular, even if they cost slightly more. 

Bamboo, encased in keyboards and mice, has developed into a good environmental health product. It is foreseeable that the CPU will wear a complete set of "bamboo cloaks" and go out of the creation of bamboo keyboards now. If you want to customize or buy the main keyboard, welcome to contact us.

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