How to Clean Bamboo Keyboard?

How to Clean Bamboo Keyboard?


More and more people like and use bamboo keyboards, but more and more people find a problem, how to clean it after a long time? Below are the cleaning steps.

How to Clean Bamboo Keyboard?
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More and more people like and use bamboo keyboards, but more and more people find a problem, how to clean it after a long time? Below are the cleaning steps.

1. Turn off the Computer and Disconnect All Connecting Cables

To protect your hardware from damage, shut down your computer before attempting to clean the bamboo keyboard. If your bamboo keyboard is wired, unplug it to connect it to your computer.

The USB bamboo keyboard can be unplugged before shutting down the computer. Doing this with a non-USB bamboo keyboard can damage your computer, so always shut down your computer first if you're not sure.

Keep the battery out of the wireless bamboo keyboard, especially if you plan to deep clean the keys.

2. Turn the Bamboo Keyboard Upside Down to Shake out Loose Debris

Flip the bamboo keyboard over and knock out as much loose debris as possible. Be gentle when shaking the bamboo keyboard. Most food scraps, dirt, pet hair, and other debris fall off immediately. Tilt the bamboo keyboard in different directions and tap it hard to squeeze out any remaining debris you notice.

Listen to the rattling of debris inside the bamboo keyboard. This sometimes happens with mechanical bamboo keyboards and other devices with raised keys. Consider taking apart the bamboo keyboard for deep cleaning.

You can also try a cleaning gel product to remove debris between keys. These products have a slimy (but again a solid) consistency that can be put on a bamboo keyboard and peeled off. When peeling off the product, any loose debris will stick to the slime. Before investing in Bamboo Keyboard Cleaning Gel, be sure to read the reviews of each product, lest you end up with a poor-quality product.

3. Use Compressed Air to Blow off Dust and Debris from the Keys

Compressed air is your most reliable tool for general cleaning, so if you don't have one, buy it from your local department or electronics store. With the plastic straw attached to the spout, hold the jar at a 45-degree angle while pointing it at the keys. Sweep the nozzle across the bamboo keyboard in a side-to-side motion using a controlled airflow. Always keep the nozzle 1 ⁄2 inches (1.3cm) above the bamboo keyboard.

To thoroughly clean the bamboo keyboard, blow it from different angles. Start by facing it towards you, then rotate it to either side.

4. Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Vigorously Sweep Away Debris

The suction of the vacuum cleaner picks up even the most stubborn debris trapped between the keys. If you don't have one with a hose, try a regular one with a brush attachment. Walk through the entire bamboo keyboard, paying special attention to the area around the keys. Most of the hard pieces were wedged into it.

5. Clean Around the Keys with a Cotton Swab Dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol

Wet the cotton swab lightly to avoid moisture under the keys. Wipe down each individual key to remove residual dust, oil, and other grime. Repeat as many times as necessary to clean the sides of each key and the space around it. Replace the swab when it becomes dirty. Using alcohol removes the letters, numbers, and symbols printed on each key, so try to keep it as far away from the printed part as possible.

Isopropyl alcohol dries quickly, so it is a better choice than water. You can get it at most drugstores and grocery stores.

Another cleaning option is to wrap a microfiber cloth around the knife. Wet it with isopropyl alcohol and push it into the grooves of the bamboo keyboard. This works best with mechanical bamboo keyboards with raised keys.

6. Scrub the Bamboo Keyboard with a Cloth Dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol

Choose a lint-free cloth or paper towel to avoid introducing new debris—a microfiber screen cleaning cloth or eyeglass cloth is a good choice. Make sure the rag doesn't drip at all when it gets wet. Wipe the top of each key to remove any remaining dust and other debris, trying not to scrub too hard.

Pay attention to frequently used keys, such as the space bar and the enter key. These spots tend to have more dirt. You may need multiple scrubbing to clean them.

For very dirty areas, use a toothpick to remove dirt. Place a toothpick almost flat on the key and rub the dirt to loosen it. Scrub the rest with isopropyl alcohol.

7. Use a Lint-free Cloth to Polish the Bamboo Keyboard

Wipe the bamboo keyboard one last time to remove lingering dust and excess moisture. Check it to make sure it looks fresh. If it's still dirty, consider taking it apart for a deep clean. Once done, plug in the bamboo keyboard and give it a test run.

Isopropyl alcohol on bamboo keyboards will dry in about a minute. Water takes longer. If you have used water or think moisture has entered the bamboo keyboard, let it dry for 24 hours before plugging it in again. After all, the steps are complete, a thin coat of varnish or cooked tung oil can be applied to the surface, but do not add it to the tank.

The steps for cleaning the bamboo keyboard are described in detail above. If you want to buy a bamboo keyboard or a bamboo mouse, please contact us.

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