Production of Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo Mouse

Production of Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo Mouse


The bamboo keyboard and mouse have a guaranteed service life, which can effectively reduce the fatigue caused by mouse operation. The following is a detailed introduction to their advantages.

Production of Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo Mouse
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China is a big country in the bamboo industry. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource. Bamboo has the characteristics of fast growth, strong reproduction, high yield, easy renewal, wide adaptability, and a wide range of uses. Every year, afforestation is successful, and bamboo shoots are developed long-term benefits. Faced with our many resources, of course, make good use of the characteristics of bamboo. Bamboo not only has the functions of anti-radiation, sterilization, and anti-static. We use the anti-static and anti-radiation properties on keyboards, mice, and computers.

In recent years, bamboo resources are abundant in mountainous areas, and bamboo materials are vigorously developed. The main business is bamboo keyboards, bamboo mice, and bamboo keyboards. Now it has two bamboo production lines with an estimated annual output of 1,000,000.8 million sets of "bamboo keyboards", which are exported to the United States, South Korea, Turkey, and other countries. Why bamboo keyboards can be exported and sold, and what are the benefits of bamboo keyboards, let's take a look together.


The life span of the bamboo keyboard can reach 10 million times, the keys are sensitive, and the service life is guaranteed. Ergonomic overall shape, comfortable grip, flexible operation. Can effectively reduce the degree of fatigue caused by mouse operation. Bamboo-plastic, a Chinese enterprise with independent innovation, has 3 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents, rewriting the history of keyboard production with plastic raw materials.

Production Process

Due to the particularity of bamboo, many processes require manual operations.

It is reported that bamboo that is more than 5 years old is generally used, so its density and hardness are high. The bamboo is transported to the factory after being cut, dried, milled, and finely polished.

Next, embryo formation, grinding, priming, and other processes will be carried out to complete the shell. After the circuit board is assembled into the case. The inner shell of the keyboard and mouse cannot be polished mechanically, and the artificial thin emery cloth is worn and smooth.

Innovative Technology

The technology of keyboard and mouse products is quite mature. The knocking sound of the bamboo keyboard is small, and the natural temperature is constant, which can avoid static electricity and prolong the service life of the electronic components of the keyboard. The biggest selling point of this innovation is environmental protection. Especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, environmentally friendly products are often the most popular, even if the price is slightly expensive, they are also very popular.

Small bamboo, processed into a keyboard and mouse, has become a very good environmental protection and health product. Computers are expected to wear a full set of "bamboo coats". So far, the bamboo keyboards and mice produced are basically exported to the United States, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Moreover, Lenovo is also negotiating cooperation with other well-known computer companies. "In view of the low cost, good hand feeling, convenient use, and environmental protection of bamboo-made bamboo keyboards and mice, it is planned to promote them on a large scale in the future." In the future, the production field will be extended to hosts, display cabinets, etc. "On" a full set of environmental protection.

Bamboo can replace wood and bamboo forests. It is very green and environmentally friendly. It also has the benefits of anti-radiation, eye protection, and static electricity. Make good use of it. Today, as technology becomes more mature and society develops, we expect computers to be equipped with our own coats. Not only that, but we also expect to slip our phones over our coats makes protecting our eyesight a no-brainer.

The benefits and features of bamboo keyboards and bamboo mice have been introduced above. If you want to buy a bamboo keyboard and a bamboo mouse, please contact us.

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