Types of Eco-friendly Tableware

Types of Eco-friendly Tableware


Disposable environmentally friendly tableware is convenient and environmentally friendly, so is it biodegradable? Can it be recycled? The following article gives you the answer.

Types of Eco-friendly Tableware
Disposable environmentally friendly tableware is divided into three categories: raw material source, production process, degradation method and recycling level.

1. Biodegradable: paper products (including pulp molding type, cardboard coating type), edible powder type, plant fiber molding type, etc.

2. Lightweight/biodegradable materials: lightweight/biodegradable plastics (non-foaming), such as lightweight biodegradable PP.

3. Easy-to-recycle materials: such as polypropylene (PP), high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS), natural inorganic mineral-filled polypropylene composite products, etc.

Is the Environmentally Friendly Tableware Biodegradable?

The answer is no.

Environmentally friendly tableware includes three types: easy to recycle, easy to handle, and easy to degrade. Biodegradable tableware is only one of them.

Degradation is just a complement to recycling. When a certain packaging material is difficult to recycle or has low recycling value after use, biodegradable packaging can be considered.

Do Biodegradable Tableware Not Need to Be Recycled?

The answer is no.

First of all, we shouldn't throw any rubbish around. It is necessary to take the initiative to do a good job in garbage classification and recycling to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. Even biodegradable products need to be disposed of or used properly, and it is nonsense to talk about products that degrade quickly and slowly without specific environmental factors.

What is Authentic Eco-friendly Tableware?

1. The color of the tableware is very uniform, with good hand feeling and high strength.

2. There is no peculiar smell in the hot and cold food.

3. Easy to recycle or use environmental protection degradation.

4. There is no harm to the ecological environment and human health, and it meets the national food hygiene standards.

What Are the Characteristics of Fake Environmental Protection Meals?

The cost of real environmental protection is high, while the cost of fake environmental protection tableware is low. Out of conflict of interest, some manufacturers ignore the health of consumers and violate national standards to produce and sell fake environmental protection lunch boxes.

1. Soft to the touch, the powder will fall off when rubbed with hands, brittle, strong smell, and choking eyes.

2. Heavier than qualified products, the price is lower.

3. The words "degradable lunch box", "environmental protection lunch box" and "urban environmental protection" on the surface of the product are not necessarily environmentally friendly.

What Are the Advantages of Using Disposable Bamboo Tableware?

There are many advantages to using this meal, including:

They are small, light, and portable

It is durable because bamboo is strong, flexible, and durable.

The surface of the product is smooth without debris damage.

Bamboo utensils are biodegradable, which means that when you throw away your used disposable bamboo utensils, they will break down and help other plants thrive. These utensils can be used to serve hot or cold food.

The above has introduced the types of environmentally friendly tableware and the benefits of bamboo tableware. If you want to order bamboo tableware, please contact us.

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