Bamboo Trays Care Guide

Bamboo Trays Care Guide


Replacing bamboo trays can also be expensive, considering that bamboo trays are more expensive than other types of trays. Read on to learn more tips on caring for your bamboo trays.

Bamboo Trays Care Guide
Bamboo Trays
Bamboo Trays
Taking good care of your bamboo tray is absolutely essential to maintaining the quality of your trays and ensuring a hassle-free drying herb experience. Bamboo trays prevent the wastage of dried herbs, which often happens when people try to roll them by hand on cardboard or newspaper.

Why Do We Need to Maintain Bamboo Trays?

Bamboo trays are a great quality tray because it has a smooth surface, which makes handling your herbs and rolling very natural. Broken trays are difficult to replace. Rot and wear marks from lack of maintenance often show up on expensive trays that are poorly maintained. Dried herb granules and clumps can also get stuck in holes and crevices in the tray, resulting in wasted dried herbs. Replacing bamboo trays can also be expensive, considering that bamboo trays are more expensive than other types of trays.

There Are Several Key Steps to Maintaining the Quality of Bamboo Trays:

Multi-dimensional Brush is Your Friend

Always clean your bamboo trays and use a multi-dimensional brush to remove all dirt and particles. Look for brushes with soft, fine-bristled bristles. These bristles allow you to reach every nook and cranny of the tray's various compartments. Getting brushes of various sizes allows you to clean trays and compartments of different sizes, making tray maintenance almost effortless.

Don't Fold Bamboo Trays Into Ashtrays

Some smokers use their become trays as ashtrays in a pinch. This is not good for the health of bamboo trays as the lit cigarette may cause burn marks and holes to form. Ashes may become trapped in the holes and may be rolled up by cigarettes in the future. Also, it will make your bamboo trays unsightly and more scuffed.

Do Not Wash Bamboo Trays Under Running Water

Bamboo must be kept dry and cannot be washed under running water. The bottom of the tray is particularly sensitive to moisture and should never come into contact with water. Moisture can cause rot and irreversibly damage your trays. Rot can also make trays less sturdy and unsanitary. If the tray must be wiped clean, do so with a clean, dry cloth.

Put Away Your Tray

Your bamboo tray should be stored away after use or after cleaning. Leaving it around exposes it to potential damage, dust buildup, and moisture. Instead, you should wrap and wrap your bamboo tray in a sheet of paper and store it in a cool, dry place. Alternatively, you can also store it in a bag to keep out dust and moisture.

A well-maintained bamboo tray will serve you for a long time. Looking for a sturdy and attractive bamboo tray? Welcome to contact us

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